Chantico as seen from the Tracking Station (early development photo)

Chantico (designated KIC 7848638 b) was a candidate exoplanet being implemented into ProtoJeb's Planets. It is a hot desert world with a thick atmosphere and a highly mountainous terrain. It was proven to be a false positive during the development of ProtoJeb's Planets and will not be released in the mod.

Discovery Details and History

Chantico was thought to orbit the K-Dwarf star KIC 7848638 (aka Koyash) every 12.2 days at a distance of about 0.0964 AU. The planet appeared to have 1.032 times the radius of Earth and an assumed mass of 1.1 Earth masses. Chantico had a predicted surface temperatures of about 750 degrees kelvin. It was first spotted in the data set of its star on Planet Hunters on August 2nd, 2016, but later turned out to be a false positive.

In-Game Characteristics

Chantico has a radius of 528 kilometers and around 0.84 times the gravity of Kerbin. It orbits its host star, Koyash, at a distance of just 1,215,825.7 kilometers. As a result, Chantico is tidally locked, so that one side of the planet always faces its star at all times.

The surface of Chantico is made mostly from basaltic rocks and granites, similar to the rocks on Moho. It is also covered with large, intersecting mountain ranges that can be several kilometers high. There are also dozens of valleys coated in solidified lava from previous geologic activity.


The surface and atmosphere of Chantico, with Koyash over the horizon (most recent version)

Chantico has a rather diffuse atmosphere. The atmospheric pressure on this world is less than 10% that of Kerbin. Therefore, parachutes don't work well here and won't slow you down before reaching the surface. Landing on Chantico is, as a result, very challenging. The heat of the atmosphere is around 750 degrees kelvin. Any unprotected vessel will overheat during atmospheric entry and likely will be destroyed, despite the low pressure.


  • Chantico was named after the Aztec goddess of fire and volcanoes. The name "Chantico" was reserved for an exoplanet not too different in radius than Earth with a non-molten surface, but with high temperatures.
  • During development, Chantico had a texture from Space Engine and was real-scale.
    • Prior to that, Chantico had a custom Kittopia-made texture. A similar texture replaced the Space Engine one in November 2016.
  • Chantico was the first of 31 possible planet candidates discovered by ProtoJeb21 in the Kepler data on Planet Hunters. It, along with 27 other worlds, were proven to be false positives in January 2017.

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