If the 'Planet Cyran' planet pack is installed (and if Galactic Neighborhood isn't installed) Dres is moved to orbit Cyran. Dres is also retextured without the use of a heightmap, making 'Dres Cyran version' slightly less memory-consuming.

PlanerCyran Dres V3.0

In-Game Description

"Dres is a breautiful rocky moon orbiting Cyran. When it was first spotted, Kerbal Astronomers thought that it was an icy world but in reality Dres is rocky. It's steep cliffs have been the subject of many Sci-Fi movies."

Physical Properties

'Planet Cyran' retextures Dres, making it an uneven world with many cliffs and craters rather than the dull grey world it used to be. While Dres looks icy, it's made of rock and therefore friction on the surface will be average rather than low.

Orbital Properties

  • Orbits: planet Cyran
  • Semi-Major Axis: 26457637.7435685 m
  • Inclination: 5 degrees
  • Eccentricity: 0
  • Longitude of Ascending Node: 280
  • Argument of Periapsis: 90
  • Mean Anomaly at Epoch: 3.14000010490417
  • Epoch: 0
  • Orbit color: Cyan


If 'Planet Cyran' is installed, 'retextured Dres' has four biomes:

  • Cratered Lands (Blue)
  • Ridges (Red)
  • Plains (Green)
  • Poles (White)


Quote from the author of the 'Planet Cyran' mod:

"When I began giving Cyran an orbit, there were only a few places I could choose. There was no room for a gas giant up to beyond Duna's orbit, so I either had to place it between Duna and Jool, or beyond Jool, but the space beyond Jool is often used in planet packs while the space between Duna and Jool isn't often used, so I chose to place Cyran there for compatibility and originality. I then moved Dres and began to edit it for one simple reason: players often find Dres too boring to visit, and I didn't like that, so I decided to make it more interesting and give it some more attention."


  • The author of the 'Planet Cyran' mod planned on terraforming Dres at first, making it more like Laythe in terms of gameplay, but there were issues when adding the atmosphere. Therefore Dres became a retextured, yet still atmosphere-less version of itself while a moon named Iltan was added that resembles Dres as the author first planned on making it.
  • The 'Planet Cyran' planet pack comes with a flag of the retextured Dres based off the 'Minimalistic' flag texture by SQUAD.
  • If 'Planet Cyran' is installed, Dres becomes the celestial body in the background of the main menu.

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