Icarus is the first planet in the Ciro system and a member of the Galilean Planets. It is the smallest of the parent bodies and the most beautiful of the vacuum worlds. Alongside Thalia, Tellumo and Catullus, this planet is potentially deadly to visiting vessels and freshman players.

In-game Description

It took a long time to discover this gem due to its size and its proximity to the inferno. Its appearance strongly suggests seafood and a visit would be as exquisite.

The ability to get here and back without bankrupting the KSC, melting or upsetting Gael's biosphere would be treated with great prestige.
- Deep Sky Press


Icarus' surface is primarily divided into two greater regions and flavors represented by biomes: The darker Obsidians and the lighter Calciferous Layers. Above that there are regions of incredibly great color and slope with the highest point estimated to be 5,101m above sea level. Most of these distinct geographic features are biomes.


Icarus has 11 natural biomes: 

  • (The) Coelom
  • Spinous Facets
  • Stratocalciferous
  • Spinous Lamina
  • Opalescence
  • Pearlescence
  • Yellow Coral
  • Spinous Delta
  • Obsidians
  • Poles
  • Calciferous Layers

Gameplay Features

  • Icarus is incredibly promising as a place to refuel, however, it may completely lack some resources necessary for life support.
  • Between its active core and proximity to Ciro, this planet actually radiates significant heat, making thermal protection mandatory for landers.
  • Being closer to Ciro than Moho is to stock Sun, the delta-V requirement to capture here is higher but its lesser gravity makes landing and liftoff easier.


Aptly named, Icarus carries the theme of the Greek deity who flew too close to the Sun. While beautiful to us, it may indeed have been struck and even deformed by Coronal Mass Ejections.


Icarus carries its own region flag, the Isle of Ciro.

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