Karen as seen from orbit.
Moon of Plock
Orbital Characteristics
Semi-major axis 2 457 800 m [Note 1]
Apoapsis 2 457 800 m [Note 1]
Periapsis 2 457 800 m [Note 1]
Orbital eccentricity 0
Orbital inclination 0 °
Argument of periapsis 50 °
Longitude of the ascending node 260 °
Mean anomaly 0 rad (at 0s UT)
Sidereal orbital period 106 309 s
4 d 5 h 31 m 49 s
Synodic orbital period 106313.9 s
Orbital Velocity 145.3 m/s
Longest Time Eclipsed 2605 s
Physical Characteristics
Equatorial radius 85 050 m
Equatorial Circumference 534 385 m
Surface area 9.0898873×1010 m2
Mass 7.0173862×1019 kg
Standard gravitational parameter 4.6834597×109 m3/s2
Density 27 231.014 kg/m3
Surface gravity 0.647 m/s2 (0.066 g)
Escape velocity 331.86 m/s
Sidereal rotation period 106 309.61 s
4 d 5 h 31 m 49.6 s
Sidereal rotational velocity 5.0267 m/s
Synchronous orbit 1 017.63 km
Sphere of influence 939 354.32 m[Note 1]
Atmospheric Characteristics
Atmosphere present × No
Scientific multiplier
Surface 15
Near space 14
Outer space 13.5

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 The distances are given from the bodies center not surface (unlike ingame)

Karen is a moon of the dwarf planet Plock and is the Outer Planets Mod analogue to Charon. With the mod SigmaBinary installed, Plock and Karen orbit each other in a binary system as they do in real life.

In-Game Description

Karen is a moon of Plock, but at the same time it isn't. Due to their relative masses, the two bodies actually rotate around a point of gravity outside of Plock. This gravitational dance is unique in the solar system.

Kerbal Astronomical Society

Physical Characteristics

Given Plock's density is almost exactly the same as Karen, it could be assumed that both bodies are comprised of similar material i.e. a mix of ice and low-density rock.

Karen's surface topography varies between flat, light grey plains, rust-coloured slopes and grey mountains. Karen is pockmarked by many more craters than its partner, suggesting a lower level of the tectonic and cryovolcanic activity needed to repave the surface. The reddish colours could also be due to the presence of tholins on the surface.


Karen has a total of 12 biomes.

Biome list

Karen Biome Map

Karen biome map

  • Slekon Basin
  • Arralakh Valley
  • Binary Crater
  • Vager Plains
  • Faringor Plains
  • Dyson Region
  • Nereid Region
  • Elowin Region
  • Sogelrun Region
  • Padishar Plateau
  • Sumghai Mesa
  • Felger Promontory

Reference Frames

Warp Minimum Altitude
5× 1 594 m
10× 3 188 m
50× 6 375 m
100× 12 750 m
1 000× 25 500 m
10 000× 51 000 m
100 000× 102 000 m

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