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This is a list of tasks that other people have requested to be completed. Feel free to add something you want to be checked/done and others can then claim those.

To avoid that multiple people work at the same time at the same task you should claim tasks by answering to them. Also answer to a task to remove your claim if you aren't working on it anymore and want others to finish the task.

Use {{task|complete/claimed/pending/|optional message}} to show the task's status.

For saving the place, delete the sequence if the task is finished, and everyone is pleased with the result!

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Pages needed

  • Every stable Kopernicus planet


This task is in progress. You can join this task at any time. By Olympic1
  • Ovok
  • Eeloo
  • Slate
  • Tekto
  • Polta
  • Priax
  • Wal
  • Tal

Pictures needed

  • Shots from planets, rings, landmarks
  • Biome maps
  • Beauty shots

Questions - info needed

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