Osiris is a tiny Neutron Star introduced in Kerbal Galaxy 2, and currently in Kerbal Galaxy Revamped. It is the fifth star from the Galactic Center and hosts two planets and two moons. This star is named after Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead.

In-Game Description

"Osiris is a Neutron Star. Neutron stars are the densest and smallest stars known to exist in the universe; with a radius of only about 30 km, they can have a mass of about two times that of Kerbol."
-Kerbal Astronomical Union

Stellar Characteristics

Osiris is a very tiny star; even from its closest planet, the star can barely be seen. It has the highest density of any celestial body in the game. Despite being a mere 60 kilometers across, Osiris has 9,000 times the gravity of Kerbin.

There are a few types of neutron stars, and Osiris appears to be a regular neutron star. It has a very rapid rotation that takes only a few seconds. However, pulsars rotate dozens, even hundreds, of times a second, making Osiris seem like a snail in comparison. The star's stellar winds do not seem to be as extreme as other neutron stars. The rocky planet Ida is slightly lopsided due to its front side being eroded by highly energetic particles from Osiris. With pulsars and magnetars, though, the erosion would be much greater, possibly vaporizing the entire front side of Ida.

Planetary System

Because of its very high gravity, Osiris' solar system spreads out over at least 4,900,000 kilometers, much larger than any sphere of influence of an object its size. The system contains two planets. The first is a large rocky planet being slightly eroded by the radiation from Osiris. The second is a ringed gas giant with two moons. The two planets are more spread out from each other than any other planetary orbits in Kerbal Galaxy 2.

  • IDA: A large, rocky planet with terrain altered by radiation from Osiris. The front side is several dozen kilometers lower in altitude than the back side.
  • ISUS: A huge, blue, ringed gas giant with two moons. The planet is too far from Osiris to experience any atmosphere loss, and is 80% the size of Jool.
    • ROCKO: The innermost of Isus's two moons. Rocko is a brilliant red color and has many areas similar to Minmus's flatlands. However, Rocko's flatlands are filled with strange craters.
    • VOLCO: Isus's largest moon. Volco, despite its name, is a very icy moon with lots of craters. It does have a noticable atmosphere with some clouds.

== Trivia

  • Osiris and Isus are named after Osiris (Egyptian god of the dead) and Isis, the wife and sister of Osiris.
    • This is the first system in the mod with most of its celestial bodies named after mythological beings.
      • The Osiris system is the only system where the objects' namesakes are related in the ancient myths.

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