Phoenix is a small L-class main sequence dwarf star rich in carbon. It was introduced in The Dwarf Star and currently has three planets.

In-Game Description

Phoenix is a tiny, tiny L-type main sequence carbon star with a soot-grey atmosphere and 3 exotic 'habitable' planets orbiting it.* *NOTE: These planets are NOT habitable to Kerbalkind as we know them.
-Kerbal Astronomical Society


Phoenix is an L-class star, part of the range for brown dwarfs. As such this star is tiny, only about 1/10th the size of Kerbol and around 6% its mass. Due to its high abundance of carbon and small mass, Phoenix glows in a dark, fiery orange color. Its corona is filled with particles of carbon-based compounds, made possible by the low surface temperature of 1800 degrees Kelvin (2,780.33*F, 1,526.85*C).

The photosphere (visible "surface") of Phoenix lacks many visible starspots. They have blended in with swirls of plasma and hot gas. Because Phoenix is so cold for a star, the top layers are still hydrogen and helium gas. As such they form swirling clouds and, in some areas, tiny storms. The atmosphere is too hot to form proper cloud bands as seen with gas giants and Y-type dwarfs.


As of version 0.2.1, Phoenix has a total of three planets. At least one more is planned.

  • REKIESSE: A huge planet orbiting quite close to Phoenix, probably having migrated from farther out. It has "oceans" of supercritical liquid ammonia, kept a fluid by the great surface pressures.
  • SEPTIS: A desert world on the inner edge of the habitable zone. While not boasting any surface liquids, there are underground lakes that help populations of blue-black bacteria survive on the surface.
  • ABRAXA: A cold planet at the edge of the ammonia-based habitable zone. Most of Abraxa is ice, but pools of liquid ammonia exist in the warmest parts of the planet.


Phoenix is a distant star with a low mass. It resides about 5.19e+14 meters (519,000,000,000 kilometers) away from the Kerbol system. Getting there requires an interstellar drive, such as those in the Interstellar mod. All of Phoenix's planets have custom biomes and can be mines for resources.

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