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Sarvin as seen from orbit.
Planet of Kerbol
Orbital Characteristics
Semi-major axis 155 798 522 368 m [Note 1]
Apoapsis 169 820 389 381 m [Note 1]
Periapsis 141 776 655 355 m [Note 1]
Orbital eccentricity 0.09
Orbital inclination 2.3 °
Argument of periapsis 0 °
Longitude of the ascending node 55 °
Mean anomaly 1.1 rad (at 0s UT)
Sidereal orbital period 356 861 267 s
16 521 d 2 h 7 m 46.9 s
Synodic orbital period 9447190.1 s
Orbital Velocity 2 506 to 3 002 m/s
Physical Characteristics
Equatorial radius 5 600 000 m
Equatorial Circumference 35 185 838 m
Surface area 3.9408138×1014 m2
Mass Expression error: Missing operand for ln. kg
Standard gravitational parameter Expression error: Unexpected < operator. m3/s2
Density Expression error: Unexpected < operator. kg/m3
Surface gravity Expression error: Unexpected < operator. m/s2 (Expression error: Unexpected < operator. g)
Escape velocity  m/s
Sidereal rotation period Expression error: Missing operand for ln. s
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Solar day Expression error: Unexpected < operator. s
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Sidereal rotational velocity Expression error: Unexpected < operator. m/s
Synchronous orbit  km
Sphere of influence Expression error: Unexpected < operator. m[Note 1]
Atmospheric Characteristics
Atmosphere present × No
Scientific multiplier
Surface N/A
Near space N/A
Outer space N/A

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 The distances are given from the bodies center not surface (unlike ingame)

Sarvin (also known as Gas Planet 2) is a ringed, lightly-colored gas giant first introduced in Kerbol Plus, and the seventh planet in the Kerbol system. It is a direct recreation of the proposed Gas Planet 2 that former developer NovaSalisko tried to implement into the game. Currently, it is in Kerbol Origins and has five medium-sized, icy moons.

In-Game Description

This beautiful blue gas giant was once thought to be have what looked like ears, that is until scientists learned to clean the lens of their telescopes.

Kerbal Astronomical Union


Reference Frames

Warp Minimum Altitude
5× 265 000 m
10× 285 000 m
50× 300 000 m
100× 320 000 m
1 000× 320 000 m
10 000× 600 000 m
100 000× 800 000 m

Natural Satellites

  • Daphy: In inner most moon said to be an asteroid covered in "fluff".
  • Potatus: Sarvin second moon with a highly inclined orbit. Its oblong shape is the result of a high rotational speed.
  • Eeloo: Intended to be a satellite of Gas Planet 2 and have an active surface, with cryovolcanic phenomena, it is now Sarvin's third moon.
  • Fonso: This extremely mountainous moon has a thin atmosphere, which would have made it the second moon in the Kerbol system with an atmosphere.
  • Shayle: Shayle was not in NovaSilisko's plan for Gas Planet 2. The Kerbol Plus version has a large impact creator on one side while the Kerbol Origins version has a radioactive green color potted with small crators.

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