Valentine as seen from orbit

Valentine is an M-Dwarf star located 8.2 light years away from Kerbol. It is the first and only star in the planet pack Extrasolar: Planets Beyond Kerbol, and has a system of five planets.

In-Game Description



Valentine is a small star with less than half the radius of Kerbol. It is classed as a red dwarf, the smallest type of stars in the universe (if brown dwarfs aren't counted). The light and heat from Valentine is much less than what Kerbin experiences from Kerbol on a daily basis. Therefore, all of the planets are closer to their star than what they would be around Kerbol. Valentine's photosphere lacks sunspots, which is rather unusual for such a small star. However, its "surface" is shifting an broiling with activity, suggesting that Valentine is younger than the Kerbol system.


As of May 3rd, 2016, there are 5 planets in orbit around Valentine. Three of those worlds have moons, and one planet hosts life.

  • HEBA: Heba is a large gas giant orbiting very close to Valentine. It was the first planet to be found in the system due to its large mass, and has two moons.
  • SOLYTH: An arid desert world devoid of life with an oxygen-rich atmosphere. It is theorized that Solyth once had life, but it was recently wiped out. This planet has two moons.
  • FUST: This is a planet very similar to Kerbin with a very oxygen-rich atmosphere, large seas, and many islands. There is a huge abundance of plantlife here. Fust has no moons.
  • MIR: An icy planet with a thick atmosphere. However, Mir is too far away from Valentine for there to be any greenhouse effect. It has no moons.
  • LOMINA: Lomina is a blue-eccentric gas giant with a ring system and four moons. Its rings were the result of a collision between two of its moons.

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