Vin is the first moon of Arkas added in the Arkas planet pack as of update 2.0 of Arkas: Development Edition

In-Game Description

"Vin is a tiny asteroid orbiting close to Arkas. Due to it's close proximity to the much larger desert planet and due to it's low gravity, Vin has a small SOI, though it provides some of the best views of Arkas possible due to it's inclined orbit."

- Kerbal Astronomical Union


Physical Properties

  • Surface gravity: 0.01g
  • Mass: 5.29E+18 kg
  • Radius: 60 000m
  • Volume: 904 778 684 233 860 m^3


Vin is an irregular, asteroid-like object covered in craters and hills. It's surface color varies from gold to grey. Whether or not the moon actually contains gold has yet to be revealed.

Orbital Properties

  • Semi-Major Axis: 8 000 000m
  • Inclination: 24.3
  • Eccentricity: 0.1
  • Longitude Of Ascending Node: 41
  • Argument Of Periapsis: 71
  • Mean Anomaly At Epoch: 32
  • Epoch: 17


As of update 4.0 of Arkas: Development Edition, Vin has four unique biomes. These are:

  • Poles
  • Valleys Of Fungus
  • Grey Hills
  • Golden Plains


  • The name 'Vin' was contributed by the community. Vin was originally a grey moon with various small craters, but was remade in version 2.1, turning into the golden moon that it currently is.
  • Vin does not possess terrain scatters. According to The White Guardian, Arkas' acting developer, this is because 'LandControl was being an oaf', LandControl being the PQSMod capable of adding terrain scatter. Explained in more detail, 'it was causing the moon to crash for no apparent reason'. Whether or not it will gain terrain scatter in a future update has not been revealed.
  • The moons added to Arkas are in a modular format, meaning that they can be removed instantly at will.
  • The name of the Valleys Of Fungus biome is a reference to user FungusForge on the KSP forums, who suggested the name for the moon.