This is a list of planet packs currently under development and not yet officially released, or they are released but still under heavy work. Some of them do have test versions available for collaborators.


Name Developer(s) Description Kopernicus Version Test Version Released?
Astro's Kopernicus Planets Astrofox, The White Guardian, amarius1, Mr. Quark Adds in several new planets and moons to the Kerbol system. TBA Yes No
Galilean Planet Pack Galileo, Poodmund, JadeOfMaar, ProtoJeb21, OhioBob, Fobok, Duski, Nhawks17 Replaces the stock system with the new Circo system. 1.2.1-3 Yes Yes (v1.0.2)
ProtoJeb's Planets ProtoJeb21 Adds in several candidate exoplanet systems discovered by ProtoJeb21 1.2.1-3 No No
Stock Planet Expansion SmashingKirby148, The White Guardian Adds new moons to the stock KSP planets. 1.1.3-1 No No
Kerbol StarSystem StarCrusher96 Revamps the stock system; Adds 16 planets, 20 moons, and 3 stars 1.2.1-3 Yes Yes (v0.4)
Kerbal Visions _Augustus_ Adds in replicas of original KSP planets. 1.2.1-3 No No

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